/ˈfraɡmənt/ • • • 'Aren't we all incomplete and fragmented anyway? Aren't we all just mere residues of what we once were? Drafts of what we thought one day we would be?'

FRAGMENT is a graphic design studio based in Montréal that explores alternative design practices and seeks the outermost spaces outside of advertising.

Settling back in town after a long hiatus of 8 years in Berlin and Copenhagen, the studio set up shop in 2007. Driven by a socially conscious background in activism and having grown increasingly uncomfortable with the over-hype and saturation of the market-dominated art world, the studio's priorities are not based on acquiring recognition via the amplitude of existing awards and prizes. Simply said, FRAGMENT prefers to spend time-off reading about current affairs rather than dwelling in self-interest or blindly following trends.

If this profile fits your vision, feel free to get in contact for inquiries regarding freelance work or creative research.

Et bien sûr, nous parlons français aussi. Très bien d'ailleurs.